When you are working linearly, multi-tasking on one too many things, it seems that the destination to your goals is NEVER.  But in the spirit of never saying never, I pressed on.  With the STUBBORN determination Anais Nin mentioned was all she really had to excel as in contrast to any other, with such … I pressed on.   In my heart (which has been literally physically ill and weak) I pressed on, through many sleepless nights of giving ALL with nothing in return but A DREAM, I pressed on . . .  The song “I Dreamed a Dream” came to mind as a melody before I could decipher its lyrics, as if my subconscious knew something I did not, and so I looked it up and decided that was precisely the title to MY DREAM THAT IS.  I could cry if I weren’t so achingly beaten, I could smile if I could say it was easy.  But instead I press on . . . To all whom LOVE BEAUTY, CREATIVITY, and the gifts that Spirit has poured on my imagination AND my hands… may all which I create be worn in goodness, in magical enchantment, and may it always in you press on THE DREAM YOU DREAM.

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