Hello Dream World……..Meet THE HAPPY LIFE.

This is my second post of dreams to BE…….and I would love nothing more than to share in all the goodness and sort of “fairy dust” which pours upon me. As I believe whole kindheartedly that anything which you can imagine, you CAN DO. Granted of reality, if you are in touch with your TRUE INNER SELF, then you won’t be dreaming about space and the moon, but rather of that which truly truly your innermost being KNOWS from a higher calling that you were MEANT TO DO!!!!!!!!

It is that way that dreams unfold and become the reality we call A HAPPY LIFE.

A : When you DISCOVER the AWESOME person that hides and waits inside, (minus the parts that aren’t really really you, like fears, doubts, and insecurities… etc…)

B: When you LISTEN attentively to your inner voice which whispers from beyond to hint of a way in which you can be your most actualized self! (To listen you must get quiet, silence will reveal more about those DREAMS that CAN BE, than anything or anyone else outside of you.)

C: Find your STUBBORN backbone…… everyone will tell you that you can’t, should not, won’t be able to, are not good enough. don’t have enough, blah blah blah…….negative talk of whatever the case may be. Making SHEER DETERMINATION the absolute factor necessary to make mountains out of molehills, that the Universe or higher power will miraculously move for you BECAUSE YOUR FAITH in your own potential is matched by that special touch of wonderment we call COINCIDENCES, LUCK, or RIGHT PLACE RIGHT PEOPLE, etc… All those “goodies” and extra compensation comes from your own efforts and your own positive standing.

D: KNOW THE HOW TO!!! We all hear “dos and don’ts” and the talk is the easy part….. Focus your plans and actions on the HOW and not on whether or not something can be accomplished. Starting with the golden quote “WHEN THERE IS A WILL, THERE IS A WAY” HOW HOW HOW……and more HOW…..and the answers will come! Even in dreams, through someone else, in a blog you might stumble upon your screen ūüėČ or in many other ways. So in the next few posts I will further delve into more details of these 4 basic grounds and cover more in depth the HOWS and the ALTERNATIVES. Alternatives are very important because we are all different and we have different styles. Finding that way that best works for you is the main part of finding your self. In knowing who you are and what best suits you, you also learn what you DON”T want and what may be causing more harm, than good. Letting go and letting God comes to mind in a sort of “clearing the way” and the distractions so that you CAN BE that which you DREAM!!!!

Loves, ~Anaid

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